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In a digital world overcrowded by content, we refocus the attention on what really matters.

Narrative-driven content is key to bringing your message home by allowing the viewers to identify with engaging and relatable characters.

Insatiable travelers in our free time, we trained our eyes in the diversity of landscapes, cultures and people we had the chance to meet.

We aim to bring our love for discovery and human encounters to reinvent corporate filmmaking.

How? By delivering on 3 key principles.

Jugaad strives for quality, at every step of the way, to ensure a product delivery with no compromise.


Jugaad is made up of curious minds, united by a common desire to do better. Mobilising ideas from our multicultural experiences is second nature.


At Jugaad, we want to challenge the status quo. Our work represents opportunities for our clients to remain ahead of the curve.



Passionate about global issues such as climate change, access to education and humanitarian intervention, Thomas combines his skills in filmmaking with academic knowledge and journalism training to tell stories that matter in an engaging yet nuanced fashion.

His masters in international development is the breeding ground for his focus on the non-for-profit and public institutional sector. More than an agile filmmaker, his analytical mind is a great tool to convey complex issues onto the screen.

Besides his work at Jugaad, he continues to work as a documentary photographer and expedition leader in remote places.

When not on a film shoot, you can find him in the mountains of Central Asia riding a motorcycle.


Thibault did his classes working on feature film shoots, a web series project, and on Belgian national TV. He now brings his experience in production, directing and editing to Jugaad, while keeping his curious mind on all sorts of creative projects.

Passionate about the human condition and influence on the planet, he has made it a recurring topic of work. Specializing in documentary format, short films and reportage, he manipulates the rules of storytelling to convey carefully crafted narratives.

From the arid deserts of Pakistan to the peaks of the Himalayas, you will always find him enthusiastic to learn more about the diversity of cultures across the world.


Docu-style video

To bring your event to life in an engaging, narrative-driven short film.
Focused on selected interviews and speech segments, interaction with your public, and take home messages.


Promo film

To deliver a strong, efficient and truthful message about your mission, a new project or the backstage of your business, NGO, or educational institution, we present to you our promo film : a cinematic look in short format.


Captation & Live Broadcast

Sometimes, short-form content is not good enough.
We offer portable, easily accessible, and quality broadcast of full events, either for livestream or later use.


You can’t go wrong with quality photography to enhance any written message.
We offer our expertise in documentary and portrait photography and bring to the table years of experience in photojournalism covering a wide range of topics.


While we specialise in short-form engaging content, our heart is just as much in longer format documentaries.
Do you have a complex story that requires time to unfold? Ask us what we can come up with.

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